‘RealityOS’ trademark hints at the upcoming launch of the Apple AR/VR headset

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Weeks after Apple reportedly released showed off its first mixed reality headset to the board, a new trademark filing suggests a public announcement could be just around the corner.

Apple’s mixed reality headset should run realityOS

As emphasized by Parker Ortolani The Verge filed two trademark applications on December 8, 2021 relating to the term “realityOS” in various categories, including software, computer and video games, and portable computer hardware. References to “realityOS” have been found several times in Apple’s software, with the term believed to be the official marketing name for the operating system that is Apple’s future. AR headsets work.

These trademark applications lead to belief in this theory, although: Unsurprisingly, Apple isn’t the company that submitted them. Behind the applications is a mysterious company known as Realityo Systems LLC.

That company appears to be a temporary shell corporation intended to hide Apple’s trademark filings. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s done something like this, in fact it did it last year to protect the macOS 12 “Monterey” name.

Adding some weight to the rumors is the fact that the same shell corporation has filed for “realityOS” trademark applications in other countries, including Uganda and Brazil (via 9to5Mac), some of which include a logo in Apple’s official font.

There has recently been speculation about a possible preview of Apple’s mixed reality headset on WWDC 2022 on June 6. However, Mark Gurman says it’s unlikely this will happen. A debut later in the year, perhaps at a personal event alongside the iPhone 14 series seems like the most plausible scenario right now.

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