PSA: These snazzy OnePlus holiday deals are still on, so don’t forget to unwrap them before Christmas!

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It is almost Christmas! And often we are wrapped up get things done that we forget to take care of ourselves. Well, if you are in that situation, these great holiday deals from OnePlus can help awaken the Christmas spirit in you.

Some of the best phones of 2022 have been heavily discounted on OnePlus’ official website, including:
And if you were looking for a brand new pair of true wireless earbuds, OnePlus also has their Nord Buds and Buds Pro at a discount. Isn’t it nice when brands consider giving us a total package? Oh, and speaking of all-round packages, here’s your friendly reminder that all the phones above come with charging bricks. As if all this wasn’t enough, it gets even better, as OnePlus is bringing in a good dose of Christmas cheer this year. Maybe it has something to do with their recent birthday? But it is reversed, for they are the donors.

The prices of all the phones and earbuds mentioned above can drop even further if you can trade in a phone, with bonus points — uh, discounts – if it’s a OnePlus brand. Plus, you can get a few percent off if you sign up on their website, so make sure you do!

Normally we would tell you to sleep on it, if you feel you are not sure. But this is a PSA – the sale ends in a few days and you only have until December 25 to submit your orders. It’s the time of giving – check out the deals and go for it. You deserve it!

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