Premium Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 with keyboard drops to insanely low prices in two models

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Due to the sheer number of excellent Memorial Day 2022 deals available at Best Buy this (extended) weekend and how Apple’s iPads and Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Tabs tend to monopolize most lists selling the best tablets to buy anytime, it shouldn’t surprise you that we almost missed a new bargain in this popular category.

Advertised specifically as a “premium Chromebook,” the 13.3-inch version of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 sold by Best Buy for $120 less than usual is markedly different from the modest 10.1-inch model that normally sells for $120. 299 costs and marked all the way down to $189 a few weeks back.

Not only are you looking at a bigger screen here, but also much superior OLED screen technology, a significantly higher 8GB RAM count, no less than four speakers that promise a “crystal clear” audio experience for hours and hours of entertainment, a hefty battery to last much longer than you probably expect, and perhaps most importantly, a significantly faster Qualcomm Snapdragon SC7180 processor.

Admittedly, that’s definitely no match for the state-of-the-art Apple M1 chip that will appear in the duo iPad Pro (2021) or this year Fifth-generation iPad Air, but at $379, the 128GB Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5 somehow undercuts even Apple’s latest 10.2-inch “standard” iPad in a 256GB storage configuration.

In case that doesn’t sound convincing enough, we should point out that for $379 you get the 13.3-inch “premium” Chrome OS tablet itself. and a full-sized keyboard that lets you easily turn that giant slate into a decidedly productive and fairly powerful laptop.

And if you want to emulate the local digital hamster room of the aforementioned ninth-generation iPad, Lenovo can currently hook you up with a $350.99 version of the Chromebook Duet 5 with 4 gigs instead of 8 gigs of memory paired with 256 GB. eMMC storage.

This is listed as a “clearance” rather than a Memorial Day deal, so it may or may not last longer than the $120 Best Buy discount, saving you $110 right away and an extra $39 if you stick to it. thinks to use the “CLEARANCE2022” eCoupon code on check out.

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