Possible changes to the aspect ratios of both screens of the Galaxy Fold 4

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Leaks suggest minor tweaks to the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s aspect ratios. Both the cover screen and the main display are expected to be slightly shorter, while the latter could also be slightly wider.

Foldable screens introduced a great deal of flexibility (pun intended) to the smartphone world, not least in terms of screen sizes and aspect ratios. A major challenge for many folding screens has been to make maximum use of the larger screen space that the foldable screen introduces.

The Galaxy Fold range is no exception in this regard. One of the biggest improvements that subsequent generations of the Fold have made is minimizing the size and proportion limitations of the foldable form factor.

The Galaxy Fold 4 will likely be another step in this direction. Information about the expected aspect ratios of both the cover and main screens of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was revealed via Twitter.

User Ice universe shared a tweet in which the supposed aspect ratios of the next generation of foldables were revealed. The cover screen changes to an aspect ratio of 23:9 (from the previous 24.5:9). The main screen now has a 6:5 aspect ratio (previously it was 5:4), bringing it more in line with that of smaller tablets like the iPad mini.

Two things are worth mentioning. Firstly, the cover screen remains relatively high and narrow. This means that using the Fold 4 one-handed will remain a pain at best. Second, the main screen aspect ratio remains not ideal for displaying media content.

Ultimately, it’s somewhat questionable how impactful these changes to the Fold 4’s aspect ratio will be. Perhaps one day we will see a Fold whose main screen will be a real replacement for a tablet. The trend continues, albeit one step at a time.

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