Pokemon GO announces new social features and raid updates

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Pokemon GO developer Niantic just released announced new social features that will be available to players in a separate app that they will need to download. Earlier this month, the company launched a closed beta social app experience, available only to Ingress players.

During the closed beta, Ingress players could find other players by creating local communities, adding and managing friends and other players Niantic titles, organize chats with friends in one place and coordinate raids, and create and share local events, farms or gatherings with memories.

All, or at least some of the key features will be available in Pokemon GO sometime in the coming months. They are intended to make communication between Pokemon GO players easier and allow them to discover new communities as well as enjoy local raid battles.

Additionally, starting this month, Mega Energy and Rare Candy XL will be available as rewards for completing local raid battles, making it easier to evolve and fortify Pokemon. Additionally, starting May 23, the store’s 1 PokeCoin Event Box will no longer include Remote Raid Passes and will instead feature a varying array of items.

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