Pixel Feature Drop comes with fingerprint scanner, Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity fixes

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The Pixel June 2022 Feature Drop has been released by Google and there are three new features to the At a Glance widget for the Pixel lock and home screen. One is a video feed from an installed Nest Doorbell Camera that allows the user to view a small image on the widget of the person at the door who pressed the doorbell. Some Pixel users have already been able to use this feature.

Pixel Feature Drop addresses under the screen Fingerprint Scanner,

To see the capabilities of your At A Glance widget, long-press the screen next to the widget. You will see a popup that says “Customize”. Tap on it and on the next page click on the At A Glance gear icon and you will see all the notifications you can enable for the At A Glance widget.

At A Glance now shows you a reminder when you’ve turned on your phone’s flashlight, and you can turn the light off with a single tap. This feature prevents you from accidentally leaving your flashlight on and also allows you to turn off the flashlight without going to Quick Settings again. Another new feature available in the US, Australia and India showcases the latest AQI (Air Quality Index) reading of the At A Glance widget.

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The higher the AQI value, the more polluted the air you breathe. A value of 50 or lower is considered good, while a value of 300 or higher is dangerous.
June’s Feature Drop includes a ‘Pocket Operator for Pixel’. this app, available on the Google Play Store, lets you “turn everyday sounds into music”. The feature only works on the Pixel 5, Pixel 6 and newer models.
According to the Play Store listing, “By using the Pixel phone’s video camera as a sampling tool and using Google’s TensorFlow machine learning to analyze and categorize the samples, you can create unique drum and sample kits from the stuff. around you, wherever you are. Play and mix live or record step by step using your recorded video clips. Use up to 4 tracks in 16 patterns to compose full songs.”

With the feature drop, digital vaccination cards can now be saved to Google Wallet and placed on your home screen. After first being announced with the December Feature Drop, Talk Mode is now more widely available for Pixel 3 and later models that use Sound Amplifier on the Accessibility page under Settings. This feature separates speech to amplify the voice you want to hear, while filtering out other people and ambient noise, improving audio on calls.

The update adds three new Pride-related Wallpaper options

To celebrate Pride Month, the Feature Drop includes three new Pride-related wallpaper options from Yann Bastard. In addition, Car Crash Detection is now available in Canada for Pixel 3 and above (Pixel 3a is excluded). This function is activated when an accident is detected with the car you are driving or driving. If you are unable to answer any prompts, emergency calls are made with the location of the accident and a request for help.

Also for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google has expanded the availability of Chat translation in messages to more languages, such as Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Korean, Thai and Turkish.
The update also fixes several bugs, including one promising “overall improvements to Wi-Fi stability and performance” that many Pixel 6 series users had hoped for. Equally important is the update that includes “General improvements to network connection stability and performance”.

And yes, Virginia, Google has also addressed issues with the under-display fingerprint scanner:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the fingerprint unlock on the back to take longer than expected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused fingerprint unlocking under the screen to fail during a call with AOD (always-on display) active.
Even battery life gets a minor bug fix with this update, as it adds general improvements to idle power consumption under certain conditions.

To install the update, go to SettingsSystemSystem update

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