Pixel 6 series handsets get big fingerprint scanner improvement on Android 13 beta 2

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Here’s some good news for Google Pixel 6 series users. According to an reddit subscriber who installed the recently released Android 13 beta 2 update on his new Pixel, the update improved the fingerprint scanner under the screen on his handset “hugely”. Now here’s the thing; this guy wasn’t one of those who constantly complained about the slow biometric reader or had to try multiple times to get his fingerprint read (which often sends the device owner to the lock screen to log in with a PIN).
Using the Reddit handle “just_lurking_through,” this guy wrote, “I was never one to complain too much about the fingerprint scanner, but with this latest update, there’s a night and day difference with the speed and reliability. I say this As someone who never checked for improvements in the fingerprint scanner, I just noticed right away.” Yes, this sounds good for Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users.
But, and this is a big but, he still wouldn’t recommend that those with any of the Pixel 6 series phones install the Android 13 beta. There are just too many bugs in the beta for it to notice, and as we always say, if you use your . used Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro as your phone of choice (your “daily driver” in enthusiast slang), you could be in trouble if a feature you rely on every day is temporarily disabled due to beta.

Software bugs aside, a phone’s battery life tends to be shortened when testing a beta version of Android (same with iOS), and unless you don’t mind carrying a power bank with you 24/7, you might want to not the Android 13 beta.

This may mean waiting until August or September to see an improvement in your Pixel’s fingerprint scanner.

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