Pixel 6 series gremlins are at it again

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You can’t blame it Google Pixel 6 Pro users because they are a little excited. There are rumors that Face Unlock is coming to the Pixel 6 Pro with the next Quarterly Pixel Feature Drop, which is expected to take place on June 6.
And to make things even more exciting, we told you almost a month ago that a Sony image sensor used on the Pixel 6 Pro could make this possible. Google adds facial recognition system to the phone that could create depth maps, although it might not work in low light. In those situations without enough light, there is the fingerprint scanner under the display that can be used.

New bugs discovered by Pixel 6 users

Some new bugs are making their way across Pixel 6 Pro land, including one that can’t turn off the phone’s screen. Like areddit user with the handle semester said, “My Pixel 6 Pro has a screen timeout setting that is set to 30 seconds. The problem is, the screen doesn’t turn off at all after 30 seconds.”

He continues by noting that “The always-on settings and the feature that keeps the screen (on) when viewed are also disabled. There is also no screensaver active. This is very annoying because the Pixel in my pocket turns on and I always find it on emergency screen or pin number mode, and obviously drains a lot of battery.”

Not too late to buy the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Others said they had the same problem after updating apps. A suggestion from a fellow Pixel 6 Pro user was to uninstall the most recently added apps in the hopes that a rogue app was causing the problem. No luck there, and another user tried the dreaded factory reset; that didn’t help either. This writer has not experienced this on my Pixel 6 Pro, but we will keep our ears close to the ground for something new regarding this issue.

And another Pixel 6 Pro owner (Lunatichippo45) took to his Reddit account to ask if anyone’s Pixel 6 Pro has been acting strangely lately. In the past two weeks, his phone has encountered several problems including:
  • Unable to make or receive calls without rebooting.
  • Phone says I’m connected to the network (T-Mobile) but I have no data. A reboot fixes this.
  • Just today my Pixel Buds were plugged in but there was no audio. A reboot also fixed this.
  • My Pixel Stand 2nd Gen won’t charge fast no matter what settings I try.

A suggestion was made that instead of rebooting, the user should toggle airplane mode on and off instead.

Pixel 6 users don’t have to reboot their phone every day

Another Pixel 6 Pro user wrote: “My P6P suddenly stopped recognizing the SIM card… about 7 months after I had no problems at all. I tried every solution to get it working again (reboot, card and lock cleaning, activating esim) and nothing works I’ve defended this thing to the death even with all the minor bugs and weirdness the Pixel line is known for… but the crux of the problem is that the phone has to function like, you know, a damn phone!!!”

A few Reddit members said they also experience these daily issues and one commented that restarting his phone once a day is usually fine. But as another Pixel 6 series user pointed out, a daily update shouldn’t be necessary. A Pixel 6 Pro user stated that all of his Gremlins were fixed with the Android 13 beta. That’s the second time we’ve heard that the phone’s performance has improved with the installation of the Android 13 beta.

We still wouldn’t recommend it as it isn’t stable, but we’ve heard that the beta has even made the beleaguered fingerprint scanner under the display work better. This could give Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users something to look forward to once the stable version of Android 13 is ready to be released in August or September.

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