Photo of Galaxy Z Fold 4 protective case confirms aspect ratio adjustments

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Photos of a protective case pretty much confirm the updated aspect ratios of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Samsung’s next foldable Samsung will make small, but tangible improvements to the device’s dimensions.

As we get closer to the highly anticipated release of Samsung’s 2022 foldable lineup, speculation and leaks are becoming more common. Earlier this week, adjustments to the fold of the Z Fold 4 took center stage.

This time around, the latest bit of information concerns an important aspect (pun intended) of the foldable – the proportions of the screen. A while ago, we discussed the rumors about the expected changes to both screens of the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The leak then predicted an aspect ratio of 23:9 (from 24.5:9) for the outer screen and an aspect ratio of 6:5 (previously it was 5:4) for the inner screen when expanded. This means that the outer screen will be slightly shorter, while the inner one will be narrower.

The key word here is ‘a little’. The aspect ratios of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 remain unconventional at best. These changes are far from groundbreaking, but they are another step in the right direction.

While the exact aspect ratios still remain in the realm of speculation, a photo shared on Twitter by prominent tipster IceUniverse shows that sizing adjustments are underway. In addition to different aspect ratios, the photo also confirms that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will also be thinner to some extent.

The Galaxy Z Fold’s abnormal aspect ratios have long been the main impediment to the device from effectively carrying out its 2-in-1 smartphone/tablet fantasy. A narrower unfolded screen is what ultimately determines whether the device can really handle smaller tablets.

These revelations are admittedly bittersweet. Many were hoping for a more noticeable sizing improvement on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. These tweaks don’t live up to the major revamp many wanted to see. Nevertheless, they confirm that Samsung is continuing its efforts in that direction – albeit at its own pace.

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