Pete Lau has started teasing the OnePlus Fold with pictures… sort of

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Samsung, Xiaomi, and Motorola all introduced their latest foldable phones a few days ago and the Google Pixel Fold is also apparently back from the dead. Oppo may have two bendable phones in the pipeline. There was a holdout in 2020, which wasn’t sold on the idea of ​​foldable phones, but he seems to have started teasing his company’s first foldable phone.

OnePlus CEO apparently posted photos of OnePlus Fold’s hinge

Smartphone manufacturers are open to the idea of ​​foldable phones. Huawei, Samsung and Motorola were among the first mainstream companies to introduce foldable phones in 2019 and while they have grown significantly in popularity since then, their sales still pale in comparison to conventional phones.

Samsung is so optimistic that it recently said it is foldable phones to catch up with Galaxy S line sales by 2025. Even Apple would be working on a bendable phone.

In 2020, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had said that foldable phones weren’t ready for prime time, and at the time, the company had no plans to launch a foldable phone. The company had researched the form factor, but wanted to wait for better display technology.

OnePlus’ sister company, Oppo, surprised everyone with the Find N late last year with a flat screen with no creases and folds without a gap – exactly the stuff OnePlus wanted.
It is therefore no wonder that the OnePlus Fold rumors started swirling shortly after the launch of the Oppo Find N, which despite being a great phone couldn’t threaten Samsung’s dominance best foldable phones because it was China exclusive.

OnePlus software chief Gary Chen confirmed those rumors earlier this year, saying the phone would run a modified version of Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.

Today Lau posted some of photos on Twitterasking his followers “What do you think this is?”

It clearly looks like pictures of a hinge and unsurprisingly it looks more like Oppo Find N’s hinge than Z Fold 3’s.

OnePlus and Oppo, owned by BBK, have started working together more closely than in the past on everything from design to software, so the OnePlus Fold could become a rebranded version of the Find N with OxygenOS instead of ColorOS.

Not that most OnePlus fans would mind, as the Find N isn’t widely available. We can expect more teasers soon. According to a previous report, the device will released in 2023.

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