Periscope camera coming to iPhone 15 Pro Max, but could it also come on the smaller 15 Pro model?

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The iPhone 14 isn’t even out yet, but we’re already seeing reports of next year’s iPhone 15 series, so… how does that work?

Well, it does because the iPhone 15, and especially the Pro models, are expected to get one major camera upgrade in the form of a brand new periscope zoom. And when there’s an upgrade of that magnitude, that means setting up processes with manufacturers and suppliers, and those things seem to be leaking out.

So this latest report comes from Haitong Intl Tech Research and analyst Jeff Pu (via 9to5Mac), and in it we learn that Lante Optics, one of the companies allegedly supplying Apple with the zoom, continues to increase its capacity for the prism needed to make this lens:
In January 2022, we saw reports of the partnership between Apple and Lante, and at the time those reports claimed that Cupertino would make a deal and decision in May 2022. We don’t know if this has happened, but it certainly looks like it in light of this recent report.

If such a deal goes through, Lante could receive orders for as many as 100 million units of the critical component.

The same analyst, Jeff Pu, initially predicted that Apple would use a 10x periscope zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but later changed his expectation that it would be a 5x zoom, something that another famous industry insider, Ming Chi Kuo, is. also agree.

In this latest note, Pu mentions that it’s not yet clear whether it will just be the Pro Max, or if the smaller iPhone 15 Pro may also get this new periscope lens.

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