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Our first look at Windows 11 22H2’s upcoming Task Manager features

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Windows 11 22H2 is apparently getting a major Task Manager upgrade for the testers in the Dev Channel. Task Manager, which remains the best tool to find the app that slows down the PC and kills the running processes, is getting a search bar and more to help users quickly identify the app that is taking up system resources.

Like support for tabs in File Explorer, this is one of those features that many have been asking for for a long time. The search bar is a standard feature that should have always been there, but was missing until now. The search bar lets you find apps or processes like “File Explorer” just by typing the name of a file into the bar.

You can select the process and right click on it to perform actions such as ‘End Process’ or Open the location of this file. The search bar makes Task Manager more user-friendly and you can now easily check the source of your system for a specific app by searching the name or process in Task Manager.

Task manager search bar in 22h2
Search bar in Task Manager!

Better theme support for Task Manager

As you probably know, Task Manager has also been updated to include dark mode support in Windows 11 version 22H2. However, it was not possible to open the Task Manager in light mode when the operating system itself uses the dark theme.

Microsoft has finally added the ability to change the Task Manager theme directly from the settings.

task manager theme
Task Manager theme preference in Settings

Regardless of the active Windows theme, you can now choose your favorite theme in the Task Manager.

Microsoft is also enabling dark mode support for in-app dialogs. Almost all dialog boxes have been updated with Dark Mode and Smooth Design, but two old dialog boxes – “Run New Task” and “Properties” still use the classic Win32 theme, at least for now.

These new dialog boxes will stick to accent colors or Task Manager/Windows themes.

Task Manager Dialogs
Updated Task Manager Modern Dialogs

Microsoft is currently testing these Task Manager improvements in the beta channel, and users outside the Windows Insider program will get the update in a few months.

Task management will get even better in the coming months

Task Manager saw a major update in September 2022, and it looks like more changes are planned for the app, according to sources familiar with the development. It’s a welcome shift in Microsoft’s approach, after many users felt that Task Manager development had been abandoned by the tech giant for so long.

It’s also clear that Microsoft is now looking at the finer details in popular apps like Task Manager and we expect more Fluent Design tweaks in the coming months.

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