Ouch! Rugged Apple Watch Pro costs the same as the iPhone 13 Pro?

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Apple would be a new rugged watch model in September alongside the new range of smartphones, the Apple Watch Series 8, and a new budget SE model. The rugged model is aimed at athletes and is expected to have the largest screen of any Apple smartwatch, a sturdy battery and a metal casing.
The watch, codenamed N199, may be called the Apple Watch Extreme, Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Explorer Edition, or the Apple Watch Pro. Whatever the marketing name may be, one thing is clear because: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman points out in the new edition of his Switch newsletter, that it will be a Pro model and as is the case with other Apple products with the Pro name, it can be quite expensive.
The rugged Apple Watch will reportedly have a 2-inch screen and a body of about 46mm or 47mm, which would make the screen about 7 percent larger than the rumored 1.9-inch screen of the Apple Watch Series 8. It will reportedly have a resolution of 410 by 502 pixels, and Apple will presumably use the larger area to display more fitness stats and other information. The screen is also likely to be more resistant to splinters.
Of watchOS 9, the company has already started laying the groundwork for the new sports model as it comes with more workout tracking options and improved workout intensity tracking.
The extreme sports models may contain a strong metal material, perhaps titanium. It will apparently be powered by the same S8 chip as the Watch Series 8 and will likely carry the rumor too temperature sensor. There will only be a mobile version of the watch.

Gurman hints that Apple may discontinue the Watch Edition after the rugged model is announced, as it hasn’t been much of a success. He had previously said the new watch would be more expensive than the standard stainless steel model. The 45mm Apple Watch Edition starts at $849, so the rugged model can start closer to $900 or $999, which is the starting price of the iPhone 13 Pro.

There will be something for everyone though, as the cheaper Watch SE with the new S8 chip costs around $279 and the Series 8 can start at $399.
Samsung is also said to be working on a high-end Galaxy watch with titanium, sapphire glass, a hefty battery and a temperature sensor, so these two will compete for the title of the best watch of 2022. The Bluetooth-only Watch 5 Pro is rumored to cost €490 (~$499), which may make it a more viable option for some.

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