OnePlus moves its community members to a new platform called Orbit

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After the OnePlus 1 made its debut in 2014, the former underdog company established itself as an enthusiast-driven company and quickly gained a devoted community of followers.

It is now 2022 and the company then has evolved into a different species, with different goals and meaning behind its brand. Despite changing his ways, though, OnePlus claims that it currently has more than 6.1 million members in its community forums, many of which are active and participate regularly.

If you are one of the members of the OnePlus community, there is great news for you. The company just announced that it will be migrating all members to a brand new platform called Orbit, which will completely replace and bring everything and everyone currently in OnePlus’s forums and apps under one roof. This transition will begin on June 28 and will last until June 30.

Migrate from OnePlus Community to Orbit

Moving a community from one platform to another is always a difficult task, and it will no doubt raise a lot of questions for the process, especially when the community is as well established as OnePlus’s. So OnePlus came up with a post sharing some details. First of all, information such as comments, messages and direct messages will all be transferred to the new platform. However, during the migration period (28.06 – 30.06), members will not be able to create new comments, post, edit their profile, or send DMs. However, it is still possible to visit the forums.

As for the new Orbit platform, some features will not be available right away. That includes earned medals, badges, and login strings. The good news is that OnePlus will eventually implement them and you’ll have all your old achievements back on the new Community Medal system. There will also be new achievements that you can earn.

For those who want to get to the heart of all that’s new with Orbit, the OnePlus Community Post has a detailed timeline of all new features and bug fixes clearly laid out.

What happens to the lottery points?

Lottery points, or raffles, are points that members of the OnePlus community earn by being active on the forums, which can then be used to participate in, well, raffles for a chance to win a prize. These points will be replaced by an evolved alternative in Orbit and will be called RedCoins. While lottery points were exclusive to the OnePlus Community, RedCoins can be spent in the Community, as well as the Red Cable Club and e-commerce platforms. Members can earn them not only through competitions and daily activities, but also through campaigns such as Shot on OnePlus.

What’s more, while Raffles were used to win contest prizes, RedCoins will now be the contest prize itself. In other words, users no longer have to rely on what OnePlus offers as a reward and have the freedom to spend their earned RedCoins on whatever they want.

Once the entire migration process is completed on June 30, users who already have the old Community application installed on their phone will receive an update. The current home for OnePlus forums will also lead to a brand new platform.

However, for anyone who decides not to update and stick with the old version of the app, that’s only possible for a short period of time. OnePlus says it will eventually shut down the outdated version and it will no longer be usable. So keep that in mind if you want to keep going. That said, Orbit sounds like a better version in more ways than one, so there’s no obvious reason not to update.

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