One Apple Watch Series 8 model can get (much) bigger than the Series 7″

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Definitely not boring or ugly (at least for fans of previous editions of the same device), last fall Apple Watch Series 7 turned out to be a much less radical upgrade from the 2020-released Series 6 than all the leakers and insiders had claimed prior to the official announcement.

Another big change (figuratively but also literally) was first casually (and vaguely) mentioned by a well-connected analyst no less than nine months ago, and now Ross Young is back with an equally casual (but much more specific) mention of an… interesting screen size upgrade.

Who’s ready for a giant Apple Watch Series 8?

If you’ve ever tried the XL 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 for size and found that bad guy a little small, it sounds like you’re in luck. That’s right, this fall’s Series 8 is expected to go all the way up to 1.99 inches, which converts to over 50 millimeters.

While it’s unclear whether this newly rumored measurement refers to the screen diagonal or the housing of the largest Apple Watch Series 8 model in the pipeline, you can definitely bet on a significant increase in the usable screen real estate … and the total body of the world’s best-selling portable device.

Of course, no one is going to force you to buy this giant-sounding timepiece, and while this isn’t made clear in Ross Young’s latest tweet on the subject, Apple’s next big smartwatch could arrive in a total of three main variants, including “standard” sizes of 41 and 45mm.
Keep in mind that the sizes mentioned have increased (slightly) from 40 and 44mm last year, which made a world of difference for many users, along with thinner screen bezels and more rounded corners. Needless to say, it’s pretty unusual to see the Cupertino-based tech giant make relatively drastic changes in the same department of the same device two years in a row, but here we are, fully expecting the Apple Watch to be bigger, bolder and flatter than ever in its eighth incarnation.
As you may already know, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers a lot more screen space than Samsung’s circular one Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, whose 42 and 46mm case sizes are only translated to 1.2 and 1.4-inch screen diagonals, respectively, due to their large bezels. That means an Apple Watch Series 8 of about 2 inches will Galaxy Watch 5 and Look at 5 Pro from that point of view… unless, of course, the death of the rotating bezel will help vastly improve the usable display area.

No changes for the Apple Watch SE 2?

For now at least, the long-awaited and long-awaited The second-generation Apple Watch SE is tipped to keep the 40 and 44mm case options of its 2020 predecessor, which likely means the screen sizes and overall design will also remain unchanged.

But with the same brand new S8 chip under the hood as the high-end Apple Watch Series 8, always-on display functionality, state-of-the-art ECG technology and all the advanced watchOS 9 workout tracking features, this thing could definitely make a serious splash during the upcoming Christmas shopping season… as long as it’s not overpriced.
There’s also a brand new one rugged Apple Watch edition expected by the end of 2022 with the same key body temperature selling point like the Series 8 and not many other things credible so far are rumored suggesting a late or limited release compared to its “normal” looking siblings is in the cards.

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