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The upcoming Nothing phone (1) is the first phone from the newly founded company with the provocative name Nothing and was founded by the former co-creator of OnePlus, Carl Pei. Pei is a visionary and an icon to some, arguably the most important person who has brought OnePlus to the fore with clever marketing and a seductive “never settle” mantra that has stuck with the company.

And this phone, he says, is the most important launch in the short history of his new company and aims no less to change the industry. It is in fact their second product after the Nothing ear (1), a pair of affordable true wireless earbuds with a striking translucent design.

So what is this Nothing phone (1) all about and should you be excited about it? We list all the leaks, rumors and news in this article, read on!

Latest Nothing phone (1) news

Nothing phone (1) latest news

Nothing phone (1) release date

Nothing has now officially revealed that the announcement of the phone (1) will take place on tuesday 12 july, 4:00 PM BST (UK Summer Time). If you’re planning to watch the event from the US, tune in online for the same date (July 12) at 11:00 AM ET or 8:00 AM PT.

Judging by the fact that Nothing will reveal the phone from its native London and that the official announcement only mentions the UK time zone, we can assume that the phone will primarily target the UK market, but we’re curious if it will also are also available outside the UK.

So far we can only speculate about the launch date of the Nothing phone (1). For traditional phone makers, the time between announcement and launch is about two weeks, so if nothing sticks to that schedule, the phone (1) could arrive in stores on Friday, July 22, but since this is the company’s first-ever phone, it may take a while also much longer than that.

Nothing phone (1) price

We don’t have any official information yet, but rumors seem to agree that the Nothing (1) phone will be launched as an affordable phone with a price tag of around $500.

This puts it in roughly the same league as the Samsung Galaxy A53 and Galaxy Fan Edition phones, as well as the most affordable iPhones like the SE and iPhone 11. It’s not expected to follow in the footsteps of OnePlus, making a phone. that exceeds expectations at that price point, but that will be an uphill task given the incredible mature competition.

Nothing Phone (1) Name

If you’re wondering about the curious name, well, this phone will indeed be called the Nothing phone (1).

It’s all part of Nothing’s branding that aims to differentiate itself in every way and challenge industry standards, even by doing something as simple as ringing his phone… the phone (1)!

Nothing phone (1) camera

The big question around the phone (1) has to be whether its camera will be at least as good as others in this space.

And since we have devices like the iPhone 11, Galaxy A53 and the soon-to-be-released Pixel 6a, camera quality is the biggest challenge for newcomer Nothing.

So far, it seems that design sketches that haven’t shown anything suggest that the phone (1) will come with dual rear cameras (allegedly one wide and one ultra-wide) and a single punch-hole camera on the front. No telephoto zoom, at least that’s what early leaks and rumors suggest. So overall pretty typical setup for a $500 mid-range phone.

It is, of course, the software that determines the quality of the photos and videos you take with that camera, and that will be the most decisive factor.

Nothing Phone (1) Storage

So far we don’t know any details like the storage options offered on the Nothing phone (1), but we have no reason to believe it will be much different from the industry standard 128 GB storage for a base model. We also expect at least one more model with 256 GB of storage for more demanding users.

We’ll update this section as we learn more about the storage options that Nothing will provide.

Nothing Phone (1) Storage Capacity:

Nothing phone (1) design

The great promise of the Nothing phone (1) comes with its design. With a translucent back and carefully arranged interior, it is a joy to look at if you enjoy industrial design. And given this translucent design, it looks like the phone (1) will come in only one color version.

Founder Carl Pei explains how important design was to Nothing: “One of the problems we saw with the tech industry was that no one had a consistent way to design products,” says Pei in an interview with Wallpaper “Except Apple – you can see their coherent vision. But if you had a table full of products from another manufacturer, you don’t really see that. From the start, we wanted to have a very distinct and iconic design language of our own.” … “Phone (1) and Ear (1) will obviously be from the same family.”
All we know beyond that is that the phone (1) will use recycled aluminum for the frame in a conscious effort to reduce waste.

We don’t know much about the actual size of the phone yet, but we’ll keep a close eye on the news and update you as new information emerges.

Nothing phone (1) display

Nothing has revealed any details about the display on the phone (1) so that remains a bit of a mystery, but we do have rumors that it will be a 6.55-inch OLED display with 1080p resolution. Expect it to be a flat screen with no curved edges and very minimal bezels around the screen (aka no “chin”).

It should also be safe to assume that there is also a fast refresh rate in the cards.

For the rest, we’ll have to wait and see what Nothing reveals to the public.

Nothing phone (1) battery

Unfortunately, not much is known about the phone’s battery and charging capabilities (1).

The only piece of the puzzle the company revealed is wireless charging support, and that wireless charging coil is sure to take center stage in the new translucent design. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the rest, so be patient.

Nothing phone (1) features and software

Nothing is a company that is heavily focused on design and style, and as such it has a new “Nothing OS” skin based on Android that looks different with its own font and style to stand out from the crowd.

“Part of our job is to tell the story of how things work”, says nothing head of design Tom Howard. “I think a really strong principle that we have is that design is not just a piece of jewelry, but there should be a marriage between form and function.”

So far, rumors and leaks have agreed that the phone will use a chip that is just a step below the flagship level. As a result, Nothing can save on costs and still deliver fast performance.

Do I have to wait for Nothing phone (1)?

So… is it worth waiting for this brand new phone? If you’ve been following OnePlus and Carl Pei for a while, the answer is definitely “yes”. We don’t really expect this phone to completely change the industry, but it’s an opportunity to bring something new, fresh and different to the market and we’re all up for that. And if you are one of those people who is passionate about technology and design, and loves affordable devices, then this might be the phone for you.

  • You have to wait for Nothing phone (1) if you want something different and new.
  • You should not wait for Nothing phone (1) if you want the very best camera, the most powerful device out there, or the richest ecosystem.

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