Nothing Phone (1) flaunts flashing LED system; can skip the US

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These days you don’t often see a new brand entering the smartphone industry. A lot of it comes down to the sheer amount of competition and the difficulty of distinguishing a phone from rivals.

But nothing avoids the challenge. The first phone – the Nothing Phone (1) – will be launched on July 12 and today the device has been seen from every angle for the first time.

The Nothing Phone (1) is equipped with 900 LEDs

In a hands-on video posted by YouTuber Marquis Brownlee earlier today we get a glimpse of the front panel of the Nothing Phone (1). Unlike the transparent back, this one is pretty generic, complete with a punch hole in the left corner and sleek, uniform edges. There’s also a closer look at the back of the phone (1), with Brownlee revealing details of how the device uses an array of 900 LED lights scattered around the panel to inform the user. The LED system is called the ‘Glyph Interface’. It lights up and pulses for notifications, and it glows on wireless charging.

There’s also a feature that lights up the bottom strip of LEDs while charging to give a quick preview of battery level. And of course it can be used in conjunction with the camera. When the regular flash isn’t good enough, the entire Glyph Interface can be turned on to illuminate the subject nicely before shooting. Finally, the LED system is associated with ringtones. Several have different light patterns, meaning you can use a specific ringtone for a specific contact and distinguish the caller based on the LED pattern, even if it is muted.

To coincide with the unveiling of the phone (1), nothing has started with an auction of StockX for the first 100 units produced. At the time of writing, the highest bid stands at nearly $2,700.

Greater availability is expected on July 12, with the brand already confirming carrier partnerships around the world for markets such as the UK and Australia. The US is not mentioned and, as noted by USA Health Reportsit could be because Nothing is not going to start the Phone (1) there.

The disclaimer at the bottom of the StockX page states that the device is “not fully supported in North America”. It’s unclear what that means, but it could indicate that nothing is following in the footsteps of Xiaomi and Oppo by skipping the US.

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