Nothing Phone 1 falls and bends with the best of them but repairs will be tough

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When JerryRig and PBK Work on Carl Pei .’s Debut Nothing Phone 1 handset, you know we get the granular disassembly and durability treatment. Long story short, the unorthodox design makes it harder to repair, but the Nothing Phone 1 proved to be a tough nut to crack.

Unlike some other phones (looking at you OnePlus 10 Pro), the Nothing Phone 1 didn’t fold in half under the bend test and the aluminum frame held up surprisingly well against Mr. Nelson, but only gave up a bit on the antenna lines.
The scratch and burn tests also revealed a Gorilla Glass-coated tough one, while a Nothing Phone 1 drop test by PBK Reviews’ disassembly company found it to go just as well as the next midranger, as it comes with a plastic screen protector that already comes with it. applied.

As for the repairability of the Nothing Phone 1, PBK gives a very low score of 3/10 for several reasons. Even if we don’t count the fact that replacement parts are hard to find at the moment, to reach the phone’s display you have to remove a lot of small screws and cables, as well as large amounts of glue from the nice transparent back of the Nothing Phone 1.

Still one of the better looking phones in recent memory, although it would be wise to put a case on it (preferably a transparent one) despite its affordable prices, as spare parts can be scarce, at least at first.

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