Nothing Phone (1) appears on video

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Yesterday, Nothing released official photos of its upcoming first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1), and today a few videos have surfaced from an event in Switzerland showing what the device looks like live.

The Nothing Phone (1) is all about bringing something fun and different to what founder Carl Pei says is a “boring” world of smartphone launches. And the nice thing about this phone is definitely its design. It has a translucent back with layers of components and the connectors and screws, but the really cool feature is a series of LED light strips that form a unique pattern. During the event, we see that each of these LED light strips can glow and blink individually, or they can work together.

Another feature that wasn’t immediately apparent in the photo is that the two rear cameras bulge out at the back. Some people have rushed to compare the look of the Nothing Phone (1) to the iPhone X, and while there is some similarity, this element alone helps set the two apart quite a bit.

The phone (1) has flat sides and the frame is made of 100% recycled aluminum. You also have an on/off button on the right and two separate volume keys on the left. At the bottom you’ll see a USB-C charging port and a speaker grill, but no headphone jack.

And that’s about all that was revealed at that event, as media there weren’t actually allowed to hold the phone, but obviously more details are coming soon.

As a quick refresher, the Nothing Phone (1) is rumored to have an upper mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon chip and a price point around $500, much more affordable than your modern flagship.

But can a new phone maker enter this already crowded and mature space with established brands that have been making phones for years? None realize the odds are slim but will try. What do you think, does it stand a chance?

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