New WWDC rumor says iPadOS 16 will make the iPad more like a laptop

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The latest iPad Air and iPad Pro models are all powered by Apple’s powerful, Intel-rival M1 chip, but many are complaining that it cannot be fully utilized due to the iPadOS operating system of the tablets. Apple has finally decided to apparently do something about this, a new report from… Bloomberg†
iPad users have long wanted Apple slates to offer Mac-like multitasking and a good desktop. It seems that those wishes are almost fulfilled.
According to today’s report, the next version of the iPad operating system, iPadOS 16 will make Apple’s slates more like a laptop and less like a smartphone. The new version of the operating system introduces a redesigned multitasking interface that makes it easier to see which applications are open and to switch between tasks.
The new version also reportedly allows users to resize app windows and also offers new ways to handle multiple apps at the same time. The revamped iPad interface will reportedly be one of the biggest upgrades announced at the annual global developer conference starting next week.

Right now you can run full screen apps on the iPad or run two apps side by side and also launch a scaled down version of a third app. iPadOS 16 will introduce features to extend that interface.

Although Apple is one of the best tablets out there, android competitors are getting closer. The iPad’s software has been in need of a massive update since the M-series chips made their way onto Apple’s slates, so it’s about time for more advanced features.
Apple will also be announcing new software versions for its other devices at the conference, and one that has been in the news lately is iPhone’s iOS 16. always-on display option that allows you to view at-a-glance information such as the time and date, even when your device is locked. The Messages app is expected to get social networking features. The Apple Watch will likely get a new power-saving mode to extend battery life.

The new updates are likely to be released alongside new products like the iPhone 14 series, the next iPad Pro, the Apple Watch Series 8, and new Macs. Beta versions will likely be available next week so developers can prepare their apps accordingly.

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