New TikTok Update Brings Screen Time Dashboard and Additional Time Limit Settings

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The popular video sharing social media website TikTok is now following in Instagram’s footsteps by introducing ways to remind users to take a break from their TikTok binge. Engadget Reports that the app gets more screen time controls and a new in-app dashboard to keep track of how much you spend there watching videos.

TikTok gets more mental wellbeing settings

The social media app now gets a special dashboard where you can keep track of how much time you spend on the app. The page shows stats that can help you better manage your time on TikTok and understand your habits with the app.

In addition, the dashboard allows you to set a time limit for how much time you want to spend on TikTok at a time.

Before this update, TikTok had control over screen time, but it occurred after a set daily limit. With this new setting, you can choose the app to remind you to take a break if you’ve opened it for an extended period of time. The thing is, apps like TikTok and Instagram have come under scrutiny for the impact they have on the mental wellbeing of their users, especially teens.

To address those concerns, TikTok is also introducing additional screen time restriction options for teens (aged 13-17). Teens now get digital wellness prompts and extra screen time reminders for any given day.

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