New Samsung Wallet Available Today With Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass and Crypto Integration

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Samsung has just announced Samsung Wallet, the South Korean answer to the Apple Wallet, an app that stores everything you need, from your digital keys to IDs and membership cards, and even crypto (the Apple Wallet doesn’t support crypto, by the way). Well, technically Samsung Wallet is not a new app. It existed before (in 2013), but was replaced by Samsung Pay in 2015. And now the new Samsung Wallet app will integrate many existing Samsung services into one app – what more could you want?

Samsung Wallet integrates ID, keys and crypto

The new Samsung Wallet app is available today and replaces Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. Before that, the former handled your payment cards, while the latter was responsible for your passwords. The new Wallet app now also integrates with SmartThings and this makes it possible to store some digital house and car keys.

And what’s more, the Wallet app also integrates with Samsung’s Blockchain Wallet cryptocurrency app. In the future, the app should also include your digital IDs, such as student IDs and driver’s licenses (this feature was teased back during the Unpacked event at the beginning of the year).

If you happen to have a supported BMW, Genesis or Hyundai car, you can also store your digital car keys in the Samsung Wallet app (to seamlessly unlock and start your car with your phone).

Another great feature is that Wallet also supports boarding passes. However, this is currently only limited to Korean Air boarding passes, so you can use it if you’re going to visit Samsung’s home country, for example. Hopefully, the feature will be expanded to other airlines in the future (but Samsung hasn’t shared any details on that yet).

As for availability, the app is available today in the US, UK and the following European countries: France, Germany, Italy and Spain. To get the new Wallet app, all you need to do is open Samsung Pay or Samsung Pass from your eligible Galaxy phone and follow the prompts to migrate to Wallet.

Keep in mind that not all Galaxy phones support this. First off, your Galaxy must be Samsung Pay compatible and running at least Android 9 Pie. Some Wallet features also require an eSE-compatible Galaxy (eSE is Samsung’s security hardware

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