New report reveals a lot of juicy details about the rugged Apple Watch model coming this year

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By no means a bad or unpopular product, as evidenced by the reviews and sales figures, last fall Apple Watch Series 7 felt like a somewhat disappointing upgrade over its equally successful predecessor for those eager for a more radical redesign.

It turns out that said redesign will almost certainly happen with this year’s Apple Watch Series 8, but that might not be the most exciting thing the world’s leading smartwatch vendor has planned for a September unveiling as far as this particular industry is concerned.
If all the latest rumors can be trusted, Apple is gearing up not one, not two, but three wearables for a joint fall 2022 launch, including a much-anticipated second budget-friendly Watch SE edition and a long-awaited extreme sports-oriented model, finally detailed by a reliable source.

Robust housing, large screen and longer battery life

you know that third Apple Watch Series 8 format rumored a few days ago by well-connected analyst Ross Young? While we can’t be sure of anything for now, of course, it sounds a lot like this unnamed new rugged Apple Watch edition could get the expanded display area instead.

Of course, there’s a chance Apple will just add some sort of suffix (maybe Pro or Max) to the Series 8 name for this extra rugged version, which is expected to rock a “strong” metal case rather than a “standard” aluminum construction. and a sharp screen of “almost” 2 inches diagonal.

Whatever it’s called, the giant intelligent timepiece is tipped to offer about 7 percent more screen real estate than the already massive Apple Watch Series 7, while maintaining the same “overall sharpness” and a resolution of about 502 x 410 pixels.

In case you’re wondering, the XL The 45mm Series 7 has a screen of about 1.9in with a resolution of 484 x 396 pixels, but don’t worry because Apple’s first-ever ruggedized smartwatch also aims to improve battery life by, well, the battery. to enlarge under its “strong metal” hood.

Meanwhile, the details of its rugged design are largely (and predictably) kept hidden for now, but one thing you can be sure of is that this bad boy’s large and sharp display also withstands drops on hard surfaces better than before” standard. generations.

More sensors, more fitness data, more money

Given the target audience, it’s not hard to guess what the extra screen real estate on the rugged 2022 Apple Watch will primarily be used for. We’re talking in-depth activity tracking, all kinds of super-advanced fitness stats, workout plans, and most likely a user’s data body temperature too.

With more advanced sensors and health monitoring tools than ever, but most importantly a “more shatter-resistant” screen than ever and a rugged build that will likely rival Garmin’s best (and strongest) outdoor-friendly smartwatches, price could become an issue for the Apple-loving masses. .

The only thing Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentions: in this make-or-break department is that the “higher watch” expected to see the light of day this fall could cost more than your “standard stainless steel Apple Watch” variant, which makes perfect sense.

That essentially opens the door to any price tag starting at around $750, which could be a tough sell if “all new Apple Watches” (including SE 2) will indeed pack the exact same S8 processor that delivers comparable overall performance to the S7 from. last year…and the S6 before it.

On the other hand, it’s unlikely to be a major focus for the professional athletes and extreme sports fans who are being targeted by a device that was at one point rumored to be officially under the Apple Watch Explorer label… by the end of 2021.

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