New report brings unexciting Samsung Galaxy S23 camera news

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If you’re not very familiar with the inner workings of the mobile technology industry, you might be surprised to learn that a smartphone (or rather three) will probably not be unveiled for another seven or eight months and will already make headlines.

But if you’ve previously followed a traditional news cycle that preceded a Samsung flagship release, it could almost seem like we know too little about the Galaxy S23 family compared to S22 series around this time last year, for example.
Interestingly, while we were indeed able to predict very little in terms of imaging last week, several recent rumors may have answered some key camera-related questions. If we are to believe all these latest rumours, the S23 and S23+ will each come with a improved selfie shooter compared to their predecessors, which is clear not set up to reside under the AMOLED screen of any of the three ultra-high-end relatives.
Perhaps more importantly, a new GalaxyClub reporttranslated here) claims to reveal an interesting tidbit about the rear-facing snappers of the two aforementioned non-Ultra Galaxy S23 devices. Unfortunately, this refreshment isn’t very exciting either.

Same old zoom action?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the “regular” Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus are expected (at least for now) to stick with a very familiar-sounding 10MP telephoto sensor equipped with advanced 3X optical zoom technology.

It is of course much too early to know the make and model of the sensor, but we would certainly not be surprised if Samsung would again use the exact 10 megapixel camera as on the S22 and S22+. If that turns out not to be the case, certain evolutionary improvements are possible (not to mention software optimizations and so on), but either way, there are almost certainly no major upgrades in the pipeline… in this department at least.

Of course that doesn’t have to be as tragic as it sounds, especially after the Galaxy S22 and The S22+ arguably improved dramatically from the 64MP telephoto shooter on the back of the S21 and S21+, which was only capable of producing 1.1x optical zoom and 3x “hybrid” zoom.

Unfortunately, the S23, S23+, and the S23 Ultra are all tipped to keep the primary rear camera of their immediate predecessors, making the ultra-wide angle lens the only significant part of the entire family’s imaging system with a (little) chance of a truly noteworthy upgrade.

In theory, the mysterious telephoto lens(es) of the S23 Ultra could also get important new technologies and make significant megapixel jumps, but in reality it seems unlikely that we will get more than 10 + 10 MP and up to 10x optical zoom.

So what big Galaxy S23 changes can you expect?

As much as we’d love to put a smile on your face and help you start the week giddy with excitement, we don’t have much to say about the groundbreaking upgrade front… just yet. Then again, with a pretty codenamed like “Project Diamond” unveiled all the way back in March, the S23 trio just can’t be just another iterative release with a new processor under the hood (no Exynos) and barely noticeable improvements in the camera or display departments.

Perhaps this is a “diamond” that will eventually shine the brightest in terms of battery life and/or charging speeds. And maybe with the Galaxy S22 FE reportedly out of the picture, the price structure will be adjusted downwards, with, for example, a “vanilla” S23 starting at $700, which we’re sure many hardcore Samsung fans would appreciate more than a meaningless megapixel bump.

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