New playlist UI overhaul comes to YouTube Music

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Google is apparently looking to overhaul the playlist UI for the mobile version of YouTube Music. Once the new UI is downloaded to your phone or tablet (whenever that is), you’ll see the name of the person who created the playlist, along with the day the update was made. The playlist name is in a larger font with the description below it. And navigating the app is a little easier as icons for to downloadadd to libraryplaypartsand the overflow menu with three dots are all on one line making them easier to find.

The updated UI for your playlists removes the “shuffle” button, but even if you love the new layout, don’t get too excited; so far, the new UI has only been seen by a single Redditor on its Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet. And that was in France! ‘s quick response users on reddit who viewed a screenshot of the new look was positive, saying, “I love it. I just love it.” “God, it looks great,” wrote another Reddit subscriber.

Note that the new look only appears for playlists and not albums. That seems unusual, as both playlists and albums like to share the same user interface. And thanks to the new design, users can also enjoy viewing cover art of the albums that host the tunes in the playlists. Google isn’t just making these changes lightly, so rest assured there are some reasons for the review, even if it’s just to let users enjoy a slightly improved experience.

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