New Pixel 6a gets a good repair score, but Google’s quality control can’t be beat

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Google’s Spicy $450 Midranger – The New One Pixel 6a – has undergone the teardown treatment before it is even released to the public as it is scheduled to launch later this week. The tireless PBK teardown mechanic used the weekend to rip a Pixel 6a and gave it a very good repairability score of 7/10, better than the 5.5/10 score the Google Pixel 6 Pro got components like the battery unit because of it more difficult to pry off.

The battery came out very easily, luckily the middle was not glued as well as the one on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In addition, Google uses clips to attach the screen rather than just a large amount of glue, and the panel can be removed relatively easily as well.

The phones have a “3D thermoformed composite” plastic back that can also be detached, meaning the Pixel 6a is a phone you don’t always have to baby like most glass-y handsets today.

The only ho-hum aspect in terms of repairability is the USB-C charging port which is soldered to the motherboard along with Google’s Tensor chipset and all the other silicone paraphernalia, so if you break the port you may need a bigger repair than is needed .

Unfortunately, the teardown started with finding some dirt in the brand new Google Pixel 6a box and some scratches on the plastic back and camera lens. Hopefully, accidents like this won’t happen regularly to early adopters, as it would again point to quality control omissions at some of the assembly partners Google works with through its Pixel phones.

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