New Microsoft Edge feature constantly pulls data from Chrome

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Switching between browsers was never a big deal, but it also depends on the features you use. We customize browsers like Google Chrome with extensions, sync open tabs with our mobile devices, and more. If you’re considering switching between Microsoft Edge and Chrome on a regular basis, Microsoft is working on a new feature for you.

You cannot switch browsers without your bookmarks or favorites, history, passwords and other miscellaneous features. Fortunately, moving this data between browsers is quite easy and only takes a few clicks when you launch a new browser for the first time. For example, when you start Edge, you are given a choice between importing or restarting.

A new Microsoft Edge feature aims to pull all necessary data from Chrome every time you launch Edge. For example, if you have tabs open in Chrome or have new bookmarks and Edge starts for the first time after the system reboots, Edge will automatically import bookmarks and tabs from Chrome.

The feature isn’t entirely new, but has been updated with two new options: Open Tabs and Settings. The ‘open tabs’ option, if enabled, will automatically detect tabs that were previously open in Chrome and open those tabs in Microsoft Edge when you launch the browser.

Likewise, if you enable or disable a feature in Chrome’s settings and the same setting is available in Edge, it will be changed in Edge as well.

Import browser settings into Microsoft Edge

This is done in real time and users can enable the optional feature through the browser’s settings. To try out the new feature, open the Profile tab in the settings and click Import browser data > Import browser data from Google Chrome on every launch and finally enable the feature.

Tabs imported from Chrome are labeled “imported tabs” to help you realize that Microsoft Edge has synced with Chrome.

You can further customize the functionality by specifying a Chrome profile and the types of items you want to import.

Microsoft Edge for improved tab group, note-saving feature and more

In addition to improved integration with Chrome, Microsoft Edge will also get several new features in the next major update.

One of the new additions lets you drag and drop tab groups by default. Likewise, there are improvements to the existing features, such as the spell checker. After the update, you can add a new language to the preferred language list.

In Edge Canary, Microsoft is also experimenting with a feature that mimics Telegram’s saved messages and allows you to save files in Edge. While Telegram offers unlimited storage, Edge’s feature is powered by OneDrive and is linked to your Microsoft account.

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