New Google Wallet app coming soon with digital IDs, car keys and more

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The new Google Wallet will not be a simple digital payment tool; instead, Google hopes that it will indeed be able to completely replace your actual wallet by being able to accommodate all kinds of important cards you might be carrying, including credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, boarding passes, vaccine cards, even digital car keys and IDs.

The inclusion of digital IDs is one of the key features of the upcoming Google Wallet. Google is working with states to make this possible, and at least initially, the company promises to let you store a digital version of your driver’s license. Meanwhile, car manufacturer partners such as BMW are expected to make their digital car keys compatible with Wallet as well.

Another thing that Google is shouting out quite loudly is Wallet’s enhanced security. It’s automatically much more secure than your average physical wallet and builds on that with encrypted purchases, fine data management, and privacy. The company promises that all of this sensitive data, such as digital IDs, Covid vaccines and more, will be stored directly on the phone and never shared without permission, including with Google.

Another useful advanced Google Wallet functionality is that you can connect it to the other Google apps and services already running on your phone for an even more helpful experience. For example, if you have a boarding pass saved in Wallet, you will be automatically notified in advance if there is a change or delay related to your flight. When you go to a concert, Wallet reminds you of your saved tickets and makes them easily accessible. Google is already working with transportation companies, healthcare facilities, retail chains, airlines and more to enable their systems to create tickets and cards for the new Google Wallet.

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