Netflix promises to end free password sharing in 2023

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Netflix has been has been trying to limit the use of password sharing since 2019, when the researchers informed seniors that it is a major concern for the service’s revenue. However, Netflix’s willingness to put an end to the problem took a break as COVID-19 began to spread worldwide.

With the pandemic over and Netflix’s market share stagnating, the streaming service is actively looking for ways to end password sharing without “alienating” its customers. One of the steps to achieve this has already been taken, as Netflix now offers a much cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford the basic subscription.

The the new ad-supported $6.99 Netflix subscription is a solid alternative for those who currently get the service for free thanks to password sharing. However, in the next few months, things will get even more serious, at least according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, more than 100 million Netflix viewers are currently watching the service via password sharing, which is quite a lot of revenue the service doesn’t get. Netflix has now revealed plans to end password sharing from 2023, so those taking advantage of the feature now will be asked to pay for the service.

Since Netflix can track viewers using password sharing, it will begin rolling out changes to the service in the US early this year. One thing Netflix is ​​concerned about is that customers won’t like the odds, so it’s probably now trying to find ways to make it worth paying for the service.

One possible solution would be to gradually pressure customers to stop sharing passwords, which should avoid any backlash. However, that would mean they have to offer something in exchange for their willingness to start paying for the service.

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