Netflix is ​​working on launching a live streaming feature

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Netflix may be working on a new way to keep you as a subscriber. After quickly losing subscriptions, the streaming giant decided it would introduce an ad-supported tier. It also added a mobile gaming platform and now it plans to expand its content with live streaming shows.

Netflix has confirmed that Deadline that it is in the early stages of launching live streaming for its unscripted shows and stand-up specials. This will allow Netflix to broadcast reunions of some of its series and vote live for competing productions such as Dance 100.

The new feature can also be used to broadcast live comedy specials. For example, Netflix recently held a personal comedy festival called Netflix Is a Joke Fest, which featured more than 300 stand-up performances. The company will soon be making recordings of about 12 of them available for viewing. But if it decides to reschedule the festival, instead of releasing just a fraction of the event, it can broadcast the entire event as it takes place so that its subscribers can get the full experience. With live shows, Netflix can compete with major competitor Disney+, which already acquires and broadcasts several live shows, such as Dancing with the Stars and the Academy Awards. It is very likely that Netflix plans to develop other formats specifically designed for the live setting.

At the moment we have no information on when exactly the platform plans to launch this new feature.

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