My favorite “phone” isn’t a phone – it’s this underrated slate

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What is a phone? I don’t want to get philosophical about you, but based on my observations from countless phone enthusiasts and occasional users, we don’t really call anymore. We will either text each other via our online messaging app of choice, or from the beginning of 2020 mainly video calls with each other when a semi-face-to-face is needed. It’s all internet based. I’d venture to say that phone calls are a bit of an archaic concept these days, reserved for our older folks who still use Facebook.

I fondly remember calling everyone all the time in the early days of the cell phone, early 2000s – it sure was a simpler time. Carrying around a closed, plastic brick phone with a monochromatic screen, sometimes like a shower on a neck strap. I’m constantly calling friends, despite my $100 a minute phone plan… or a similarly outrageous price… Memory is a little fuzzy.

But now I personally never call again, and absolutely hate to receive them. A phone call these days feels like an invasion of my personal life — someone suddenly walks in unannounced to harass me with something they could have texted, and I could have responded when I actually wanted to.

It’s the iPad mini 2021, surprise!

I know what you’re thinking because I thought so too – why the hell would anyone buy an 8.3-inch . need Apple tablet, especially if they already have a nearly 7-inch iPhone running the same software? Or if they have a modern phone, as most are well within 6 inches and above.

Well, the iPad mini 6, and the miniseries in general, actually have their niche audiences, such as private helicopter pilots, who apparently find their size perfect for use in cramped cockpits.

It’s also a great premium tablet for kids who are too young to own a smartphone, but too old not to have access to internet entertainment and mobile games. Because it’s actually not very small for a first tablet – just right. Yet light enough, and certainly more than powerful enough for kids to have fun with, or even explore their creative side.

But back to why I call the iPad mini 6 my “phone”, which is “not a phone” though. Yes, it’s because the lack of phone functionality is actually a plus in my book. You can still insert a SIM card if you have the mobile model, so you will continue to receive your messages wherever you are, and you can make your video calls, but no more people will come into your life unannounced.

Why not just put your phone on silent mode if you don’t want people to call you? Big question. Because the phone is still getting calls, and they will still pop up and bother me when I’m trying to relax after a long day, watch a video or read a book about it.

However, if I put my phone away at the end of the day and switch to the good old iPad mini 6, I can still use all my phone apps and enjoy the convenience of a phone-like form factor… But without the lingering “danger.” ” of an unexpectedly loud Pavlovian-style bell ring, or phone pop-ups, while I’m trying to relax.

No more sudden phone calls, but you still have the other smartphone functionality

This switcharoo from a phone during the day to the iPad mini after hours is surprisingly good for me, so if you have a small tablet lying around, and you also don’t want to be hassled after a certain point in the day – I’d recommend giving it a go to try.

And those who still call you will eventually learn to text you on social media just like everyone else, after seeing the latter get a response from you before. Not to mention that it’s much more convenient and not as much of an invasion of your privacy as a phone call.

Being directly accessible, 24/7, is not good in my opinion, precisely because you need time for yourself. Time to think, enjoy some light-hearted entertainment, read or concentrate on your hobbies without realizing that you could be interrupted at any moment.

Nikola Tesla, Drunk Phone Calls and Beauty Sleep

wait what? Yes, I will share with you something interesting that you may not have known about one of the most important people in human history – Nikola Tesla.

According to the Nikola Tesla biography of author Marc Seifer, the man rarely slept, and at least once he had called a friend of his at 3 a.m., woke him up to work out some ideas aloud on his own, then suddenly closed the door. phone . Crazy! Smart people can be weird.

But let’s face it, none of us know of a Tesla that could wake us up at 3am with a phone call. That would have been cool and interesting actually.

What we probably all have is that one (or more) friend(s) who might wake us up with a drunken phone call, to ask a deeply stupid question, or to share a meaningless thought that they thought was important and was significant, as even their last two remaining fasting brain cells have started to wave the white flag.

I got, no joke, a call at midnight from a friend who told me the doner place I recommended to him is great and still open. What useful information when you are trying to sleep, right?!

It could get worse – a wrong call after midnight – ever had one of those?

The thing is, you don’t have to sleep with your phone next to your bed, when a small tablet also has an alarm and all your phone apps, while otherwise you stay perfectly still and quiet, with zero chance of anyone intruding on you. live when they feel like it.

So yeah, my second phone and my “favorite” phone right now is the iPad mini 6 – the device I use after work, which has all the phone functionality I want to keep, without the actual phone.

Is this weird? Or are you going to try? Let me know what you think and if you see any other useful scenarios for Apple’s smallest iPad.

And don’t forget to value your privacy and personal time. Life can be a busy rat race; your mind needs periodic relaxation, and for many of us, even the knowledge that you might be suddenly interrupted can be stressful enough. You can change that, and what I’ve shared with you here is just one way to do that.

Important Note: This works for me, but you should be aware that you could miss possible emergency calls. get one a backup phone for your closest contacts can at the very least be a worthwhile investment before trying a similar experiment.

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