Multi-user profiles are finally coming to Google TV

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The long-awaited multi-user profiles feature is finally coming to Google TV. First revealed about a year ago, the ability to add multiple profiles to a Google TV account should be released in November.

A month after the deadline passed, Google confirmed that it has decided to: delayed the rollout of multi-user profiles, but did not provide additional details about the release of the feature. Happy Google confirmed earlier this week that multi-user profiles are finally rolling out to Google TV.

With the new feature, Google TV users receive recommendations specifically tailored to their tastes. While you watch TV with a particular profile, the algorithm takes your interests and preferences into account to make it easier to find what you like best.

In addition, you can now have different watchlists for each profile, even if they are associated with the same account. Finally, multi-user profiles come with Google Assistant support so you can ask for recommendations using voice commands like “what should i watch?

Google TV users will probably be happy to take advantage of the new feature, but Google has announced that the multi-user profiles will be rolling out to all users in the coming weeks, so be patient if it doesn’t show up on your TV yet.

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