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MSI GT77 Titan: Two-minute review

Gaming laptops have evolved at an alarming rate, and none promises to be the peak of this evolution more than the MSI GT77 Titan. Truly a colossal machine in specifications, price point, and size, this gaming laptop seems to be a PC gamer’s dream. The GT77 Titan has a lot of potential, but with the weight of the laptop and the ridiculously loud noise it makes has me struggling to recommend it.      

This titanic laptop is 17.3-inches and equipped with the RTX 3080 Ti and Intel’s i9-12900HX processor, the most powerful laptop GPU and CPU on the market right now. This doesn’t come cheap; the GT77 Titan comes at around $4,800 (about £4,200, AU$7,000) which is a lot of money to part with, especially when you consider the substantial drawbacks that come with this laptop. While there are a few users who may want the most up-to-date, powerful bit of kit, I can’t say it’s worth it when you could find similar processing power in cheaper and lighter models.

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