Motorola’s next tablet breaks cover prematurely with Android 12 and Snapdragon power

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You may not have even realized this or have completely forgotten about it, but in addition to releasing more low- and mid-end Android handsets than virtually everyone in the business today and paying more attention to the high-end segment of the smartphone market than ever before, Motorola also made a timid comeback of the tablet last year.

The decidedly modest 8-inch Moto Tab G20 with only 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage was followed by a larger and significantly better equipped Tab G70 model early this year, and now there’s also a (not so) mysterious Tab G62 coming with a range of specs that squeeze somewhere between the two existing Motorola slates.
The pre-announcement details revealed by none other than Google and collected by Abhishek Yadav on Twitter are undoubtedly legit, mind you, including a somewhat familiar (read generic) design with symmetrical edges and the same exact 2000 x 1200 screen resolution as the aforementioned 11-inch Moto Tab G70.
If the 240 ppi (pixel per inch) density also proves to be 100 percent accurate, the Moto Tab G62 measures about 9.7 inches across its screen diagonal, which is a pretty unusual number in today’s tablet landscape. Like the G70 and unlike the G20, this presumably affordable slate will be available in both Wi-Fi-only and 4G LTE-enabled variants.

Interestingly, the two will feature different processors… from several years ago. We are talking about the Snapdragon 678 and 665 oldies respectively, which are notable for being manufactured by Qualcomm, unlike the Helio P22T and Helio G90T chips that power the Tab G20 and Tab G70 respectively.

With 4 gigs of RAM also on deck, the Moto Tab G62 is by no means a screamer, which is why it’s nice to see Android 12 running the software show ahead of the product’s formal announcement and commercial release.

With a very similar Lenovo Tab P11 running Android 11, an 11-inch screen and a Snapdragon 662 SoC on a starting price of just $150 at the time of writing, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if Motorola’s next tablet gave Amazon and Samsung’s best low-cost models a run for their money in the under-$250 category. Sadly, if history is to the contrary, official availability in the US doesn’t seem to be an issue here either.

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