Motorola is experimenting with its first rollable smartphone

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Motorola is reportedly working on its first-ever rollable phone. The device, which is currently in its very early development phase and does not yet have a working prototype, will likely try to differentiate itself from the competition with a unique form factor and vertical rollout.

As foldable devices become more sophisticated with each new generation, the next frontier in mobile technology has already arrived: rollable devices. And while everyone is busy discussing the highly anticipated next addition to the Razr lineup, there’s something even more exciting on Motorola’s horizon.

In a report published by 91mobilesEvan Blass tipped off information pointing to the company’s first roll-up phone, codenamed Felix. The device will likely take inspiration from the design of the Razr and follow a similar philosophy. The foldable Motorolas have never tried to compete with those of the Galaxy Z Fold range.

That is, the Motorola Razr does not have a foldable screen to provide a 2 in 1 tablet/smartphone experience. Most foldable and virtually all rollable models attempt to utilize the flexible screen to give the user a choice between two options: one that maximizes portability (rolled and folded) and one that maximizes productivity (unrolled and unfolded).

As it stands, just as the Motorola Razr omits the latter part of the equation, the roll-up phone will follow suit and follow a similar direction. Essentially, the rollable Motorola will extend vertically to become a full-sized screen. When rolled up, it will be as pocket-friendly as possible (probably at the expense of functionality), with a third of the screen at the bottom wrapped around a pivot.

Rollables are still in their infancy. It will take some time and experimentation before the technology is refined. Fortunately, companies like Motorola are defying expectations so early on. That is definitely a good thing.

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