Motorola excels amid global phone market slump

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The summer silence on the telephone market has arrived, reports research agency Omdiaas industry sales have slowed, with Motorola, Samsung and Apple the few bright spots growing their sales year-over-year among branded handsets.

Motorola, in particular, rode the wave of LG’s exit from the phone market, and sales were nearly 20% higher than last year, ranking it in 8th place globally behind Samsung, Apple and the Chinese brands.

The drop in sales in the global phone market was actually mainly due to the drastic drop in sales between the world’s 4th largest handset maker Xiaomi and the BBK Holding brands of Oppo, OnePlus, Realme and Vivo.

Combining the sales of all those brands, BBK is currently the largest phone maker in the world, despite the sales plunge, ousting top dog Samsung by a few million. Samsung did well, riding high on its own Galaxy S22 Ultra stock and even canceling the expected Galaxy S22 FE release to save parts for the production of the red-hot Ultra.

According to Jusy Hong, Senior Research Manager at Omdia, “the increase in Samsung’s shipments is due to strong sales of low-end models, such as the Galaxy A13, and its flagship Galaxy S22 series. There were also no special issues with parts production and supply this year, in contrast to the significant drop in shipments due to the lack of parts supply and the shutdown of major production bases during the pandemic in the second quarter of last year..”

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Apple did well year over year, with shipments up 13%, but Q2 performance compared to the start of the year was just as dismal as Samsung’s. Huawei, on the other hand, managed to find its way amid the Android deprivation controversy, shipping 14% more handsets on a quarterly basis, while its former sub-edge Honor, now independent, recorded the biggest increase in sales among major phone brands. showed, making them explosive 125% compared to last year’s doldrums.

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