More Pixel 6a users report an issue with the fingerprint sensor that allows anyone to unlock the device

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This writer remembers the rear fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 2 XL. Perfectly placed, the biometric reader was an outstanding performer. The next phone I bought was the iPhone 11 Pro Max and to be honest I didn’t realize how much easier it was to have Face ID until I got the Pixel 6 Pro as my daily driver. When the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were released, there was a stir because the under-display optical fingerprint scanner was laggy, didn’t work very often, and was slower than maple syrup.

Unsurprisingly, the under-display fingerprint sensor on the mid-range Pixel 6a has problems

The fingerprint scanner under the screen of the Pixel 6 series is reportedly much improved on Android 13. As a result, the undersigned has considered updating to Android 13 beta 4.1. After all, it is a Release Candidate (RC). And once Google releases the stable version of Android 13. Those who signed up for the beta program can exit and revert to the stable version without having to wipe their phone’s data.

When the Pixel 6a was released last week, many noticed a slight improvement in the fingerprint sensor under the mid-ranger’s display compared to the ones on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro; the first word was that Google had used a new source for the Pixel 6a’s biometric reader. Even if that was the case, a major bug has been discovered. The fingerprint sensor on several Pixel 6a units allows anyone, and we mean anyone, to unlock the device.

The issue was originally discovered on only two Pixel 6a handsets in India. But via messages on reddit, we now know that the number of such complaints has increased. Not all posts on Reddit have the same problem. For example Redditor minas angle was able to unlock his Pixel 6a with a fingerprint from a finger it failed to register. He wrote: “I got the Pixel 6a yesterday and everything works amazingly well for a phone that just came out.

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He went on to say, “The fingerprint sensor is in the screen, just like on the regular Pixel 6. I scanned both of my thumbs so I can unlock my phone with my right or left hand. My phone, however, lay flat on my side. desk and I decided to unlock it and accidentally used my index finger and pressed the little fingerprint icon on the lock screen. And it worked????”

If this happens to your Pixel 6a, try this workaround and let us know if it helps!

Another Redditor wrote that his wife was able to unlock his phone even though only his prints were registered on the device. And while he only registered his thumbs on the handset, the other fingers unlocked the device. He stated: “Yes, I let my wife try it and she opened my phone in about three tries. Only my thumbs are registered and I have almost all other fingers to work, even cleaning the phone between attempts. Both before and after applying screen protector.”

And another post, this one written by “Remunos_Redbeard” says: “Lots of people are reporting the problem, in tech articles and here in Reddit now that they’ve been sent. Widespread problem, unfortunately. I can unlock my friend’s 6a, although my fingerprint is not registered and I’m afraid mine will do the same when it arrives. So at least stick to using a PIN, password or pattern to unlock for now. And definitely don’t use fingerprint for banking or payment apps.”

There is a possible solution according to a Pixel 6a user who erased all fingerprints that he stored on his Pixel 6a. Once this task was accomplished, he re-registered his fingerprints with his phone, and lo and behold, the problem stopped. So if you have the Pixel 6a and you are experiencing this bug, try this workaround and see if it makes the problem go away. Let us know!!!

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