Microsoft Word will finally get text predictions on macOS in 2022

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Way back in February last year, Microsoft added the predictive text feature to Word for Windows. At the time, it was unclear when the upgrade for the web client or Word for macOS will land, but thanks to the updated roadmap, we now know that the feature will arrive on Mac later this year.

Microsoft has quietly confirmed the predictive text feature for Word on macOS in an update of a listing on the route map page and there has been no official announcement from the company yet. As you probably know, Microsoft Word’s text precautions can greatly help users to compose documents faster and easier.

As Microsoft has pointed out, Word will get a predictive text feature in September 2022. This appears to be the current release target and keep in mind that the update will not be offered to everyone. Microsoft focuses on the consumer channel, the monthly enterprise channel, and the semi-annual enterprise channel.

How text predictions work in Word

Based on our hands-on with Word for Windows, we know that this new feature is able to correctly anticipate what we plan to write. This can save you the time and effort of typing it out completely.

After the update, text predictions will appear next to the words you type in real time and predictions will be grayed out by default, which means you need to approve the suggestion with the TAB key. You can also reject the predicted words or phrases by pressing the ESC key.

The predictive text function apparently uses machine learning to adapt over time and better understand your writing style or linguistic preferences. It has been in development for a year and many users have said that the feature helps minimize spelling and grammar errors.

It’s worth pointing out that Microsoft’s rival service, Google Docs, has been offering the same functionality across all platforms for a while now. This update restores parity between Microsoft’s powerful Word software and its rival service Google Docs.

Other improvements coming to Word

We don’t know when the feature will appear in the web version, but another roadmap update has confirmed that Word for the web will be getting dark mode. While the existing dark mode only dims the toolbar and ribbons, Word for the web uses a new dark mode that also applies to the editor screen.

Word web also offers users an option to switch between their favorite levels of darkness.

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