Microsoft Word for web prep dark theme that also applies to edit screen

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Some users of Microsoft Word for the web will see a dark mode for the online document editor. It is not yet live for users and will require a server-side update as the company says it will begin testing the dark mode with users in the coming weeks. Currently in internal testing, the dark mode for Word online switches the bright white background to black.

While Office for Windows 11 got a dark theme earlier this year and Outlook web also supports dark mode, Microsoft’s web-based apps like Word and Excel have been notable setbacks.

We don’t know when Excel will receive dark mode, but Microsoft has confirmed that night-friendly mode for Word is coming soon and will likely apply to document view as well. The UI of Word web is expected to have a fairly simple dark theme that matches the theme currently available in Word for Windows or “Office for Windows”.

Dark mode also applies to the document editor, right-click menu, and other parts of the web app.

Apart from a dark background, this update will also change the colors used in the documents to a slightly darker version. For example, bright colors like red or yellow are adjusted to reduce Word’s brightness and better match the editor’s dark mode.

Microsoft will also provide an option to disable the dark canvas (editing area) and stick with a lighter version.

According to a message on the Microsoft roadmap pageWord’s dark mode is set to launch “soon” and ETA is currently unavailable.

New Features Coming to Office Apps

In addition to the dark mode for Word on the web, Microsoft is also working on new features and updated designs for apps like OneNote.

Microsoft is updating the original Win32 OneNote app with features from the retired UWP client as the company plans to unify the two OneNote apps in the coming months. The new look caps off the classic ribbon menu with a fresh look that extends to the header and navigation panels.

All parts of OneNote have been updated with rounded corners and Mica is noticeable throughout the app. Microsoft noted that design refresh applies to the page list, section tabs, and even the notebook drop-down list.

As mentioned, OneNote gets all the features of its UWP counterpart, including better Windows ink or pen integration, new AI capabilities, ruler support, and more.

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