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Microsoft warns that Windows 10 KB5015878 (July) may break the system tray

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A bug in Windows 10 KB5015878 (July 2022 optional update) affects the notification area that usually appears in the taskbar. As a result, some users may not be able to change the input method or language because the system tray bug blocks the language and input bars in the taskbar.

KB5015878 is an optional update that will not be automatically downloaded or installed on your device unless you manually check for updates and click the “Download and Install” button under the clearly worded “optional updates” section.

The Windows 10 July 2022 Optional Update comes with a number of new features. For example, you can now receive important notifications when focus assist is turned on. For those who don’t know, Focus Assist is a feature similar to “Do Not Disturb Mode” on your Android or iOS device, hiding annoying notifications when you want to stay focused.

Another new addition is specifically aimed at corporate customers. Microsoft noted that it has enabled “restore functionality” for Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios. Likewise, the update also improved the OS upgrade experience. Microsoft also fixed an issue that could cause consecutive video clips to fail in games.

Microsoft recognizes new bug in Windows 10 July 2022 Update

In some cases, the update causes more problems for users.

In the updated support document, Microsoft noted that the input indicator and language bar may not appear in the system tray. The bug has also been reported in the mandatory Windows 10 KB5015807 update, but does not appear to be widespread.

Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the reports and has already started pushing an emergency update that fixes the taskbar notification area.

According to Microsoft, it only affects devices that have more than one language pack installed, and it specifically hits the system tray’s ‘switcher’ feature that lets you quickly switch between input or keyboard languages.

This has been fixed in a server side update that simply disables the code change causing the issue. Since it’s a server-side update, it may take up to 24 hours for it to automatically spread to your devices, but you can always reboot the device to get the fix applied to your device faster.

Enterprise customers can also manually configure a special group policy in Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates to deploy the fix. As always, you can also download the patch directly from Microsoft’s website.

Other issues in KB5015878

Keep in mind that KB5015878 is an optional update and it may cause other issues for some people as well. For example, users have reported that the July 2022 Optional Update failed to install on their devices with a vague error message.

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