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Microsoft warns that unstable preview builds of Windows 11 are coming in preparation for 23H2

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Microsoft has sent another email to users of the Windows Insider program that the unstable and buggy preview builds will be rolled out in Dev Channel soon. While the reason isn’t mentioned in the email, we know it’s due to the upcoming testing of the next major release of Windows 11 – version 23H2.

As you probably know, Windows 11 as a service is updated with new features once a year. Later this year, Microsoft will start rolling out the anniversary update (first update) of the operating system called ‘version 22H2’.

While testers in Beta Channel will continue to get bits of version 22H2, those in the Dev Channel will move to a new branch to help the company shape Windows 11 version 23H2 and future releases.

We’re talking about the Dev Channel, which isn’t release-bound, but most of the upcoming changes to the Dev Channel will ship to consumers with Windows 11 version 23H2.

Windows 11 version 23H2 builds won’t have any exciting changes initially

Of course, Windows 11 version 23H2 is still in its very early development phase and there won’t be any new features initially, but as the company will soon be using the channel to fetch builds from the active development branch, users will experience a lot of glitches, including critical Blue Screen errors in some cases.

If you don’t want to test buggy builds, you should head over to the beta channel ASAP.

“If you want to experience more reliable builds… move your device to the beta channel through the Windows Insider program settings, Microsoft testers reminded.

Keep in mind that version 23H2 is a different version of Windows 11 and users cannot easily downgrade to version 22H2. In other words, if you ignore the warning and stay on Dev Channel, you’ll need to do a clean install of the released version of Windows 11 on your device to switch to the Beta Channel in the future.

“This window will close as soon as we release builds with higher build numbers on the Dev Channel. If your device remains on the development channel and receives a build with a higher build number than in the beta channel, you will need to perform a clean install of the released version of Windows 11 on your device to switch to the beta channel,” Microsoft said.

That said, Windows 11 23H2 is in a very early stage of development and the first builds will usually include new known issues and bug fixes for existing issues. Don’t expect anything exciting in the Windows Insider program, but according to sources, version 23H2 will be another major release with significant UX/UI improvements for tablets.

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