Microsoft Edge’s new sidebar on Windows will get better in the next update

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Microsoft has been working on a new sidebar for the Chromium-based Edge browser, and it’s about to get more productive, thanks to another update in the works. As you probably know, the Microsoft Edge sidebar allows you to access Edge features side by side. This includes features such as Outlook, Office, Games and more.

Microsoft Edge’s sidebar is useful, but many users also see it as yet another browser bloatware. Fortunately, it is possible to hide the sidebar. If you like the sidebar feature, we have good news for you. The company is now working on “favorites” integration for the sidebar.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Microsoft is working on an upgrade that will allow Edge users to access their favorite websites directly from the panel. The “Favorites” section appears alongside the other most commonly used tools, such as unit converters, calculators, and web apps like Outlook.

The update should make Edge’s sidebar useful, especially if you want to access your favorite site at any time. It’s also useful if you have multiple tabs open and you need to access certain information at the same time, such as scheduling a presentation for work.

Microsoft Edge sidebar works very well

To get a website to the sidebar, simply click on the ‘Add Tab to Sidebar’ item in the context menu of the tab.

You can also add a website to the sidebar from the sidebar itself. To do this, click on ‘Customize sidebar’ (+) and click on the new ‘Add current page’ option. You’ll find the list of websites you’ve added at the bottom of the pane.

Microsoft Edge sidebar

In the official list of route mapsMicrosoft described the sidebar integration as a new way to enable access to Edge features “besides their browser window”. In addition to favorites, you’ll also find features like Bing search, Office, Games, and other items like MSN-powered Discover.

Microsoft is still testing the sidebar and it will get even better eventually. According to the roadmap, Edge’s sidebar is still in development, but it could be rolled out to select users in August 2022, meaning the feature is just around the corner.

The next major update to Microsoft Edge is also expected to include the new Microsoft Photos app-like integration, where you can crop images, add texts, use filters, and more before saving images to local storage.

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