Microsoft Edge overtakes Safari as second most popular browser with 10% share

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Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular desktop browser with a market share of up to 10%. Chrome remains the number one browser with a share of 67% and Apple’s Safari has fallen to the third spot above Firefox. That reports browser tracking company StatCounter.

Edge’s Chromium version was released in 2020, but Microsoft created the browser for Windows 10 in 2015 as the company’s replacement for Internet Explorer. Even though Microsoft Edge Legacy was heavily promoted on Windows 10 and featured interesting ideas like “Set aside tabs” or tab previews, it didn’t work.

There are plenty of reasons for the failure of Windows 10’s default browser. But a major one is the way the company has designed the ecosystem, including the lack of add-ons for Edge and browser updates tied to annual Windows 10 feature updates. updates.

Microsoft has killed Edge Legacy and replaced the old browser everywhere with Chromium-based Edge. After the release of its Chromium Edge, the company has continued to update it with new additions. While these efforts may not be enough to convince Chrome’s loyal users, Edge has certainly taken market share away from rivals.

Microsoft Edge becomes the second most popular desktop browser

In April 2021, Safari was a strong second with almost 10% of the desktop browser market and Edge was in third with 7.96%, while Firefox languished in fourth with 7.78%.

Microsoft Edge market share

According to the April 2022 market share report, Microsoft Edge has now surpassed the 10% market share in the browser market. While Google Chrome lost its share of 0.65 and its coverage fell to 66.64%, Edge added 0.42 points and now has a share of 10.07%.

Safari now lags Edge at 9.61% share, Firefox at 7.86% and Opera is down to 2.43%. Edge seems to be doing quite well in the desktop landscape, but there are no changes in the mobile market where Chrome and Safari are market leaders

Edge is invisible on mobile platforms and doesn’t even appear in StatCounter’s top five browser rankings.

While Edge is growing in the desktop market, it won’t beat Chrome.

If you haven’t tried Chromium Edge yet, you should definitely check out Microsoft’s browser. It has undergone several improvements in recent months and the sleeping tablets feature is now much more effective.

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