Microsoft could finally fix Edge browser’s large context menus on Windows

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As part of improvements to Windows tablets, Microsoft has redesigned and enlarged the context menus of Chromium-based Edge. Right now, Edge’s context menu is full of too many options and it’s uncomfortably large, with several users complaining about it on the Feedback Hub.

Depending on what you right-click on in Microsoft Edge, the context menu contains a long list of items in addition to basic actions like copy, paste, and share. Showing functions through the context menu is a good idea in theory, but the problem is that Microsoft Edge’s context menu now has way too many menu options.

Microsoft has finally admitted that the context menu in the Edge browser is bad. It is exceptionally long and large. It has grown in an unregulated environment since the browser’s launch in early 2020. Fortunately, the next version of Microsoft Edge Canary tries to solve the problem by reducing its size.

In a feedback summary message, Microsoft noted the right-click context menu is too long and offers no ways to customize it:

“We hear that both the right-click context and the … menus are too long, too wide and don’t offer options to customize them. You may have seen some of the ways we’re trying to address these pain points in our Canary Channel “.

In addition to an improved context menu and the ability to customize it to your liking, Microsoft also plans to restore a feature that will give you “downloads” at the bottom of the screen.

Microsoft Edge Context Menu

Microsoft is aware of a bug where Print and Print Preview are not available on some sites, and Microsoft is looking for ways to make this work.

In addition, the company has also promised to bring more extensions to the extension store and address performance issues with the browser. This includes memory usage, CPU usage, and more. Likewise, Microsoft wants to make scrolling smoother for web pages and PDF files.

Here is a list of all planned features:

  • A new option to always open favorites in a new tab.
  • A new option to easily close vertical tabs.
  • A new option to move vertical tabs to the right side of the screen.
  • Find items in Collections.
  • Update Microsoft Edge to respect the default PDF viewer.
  • Allow users to close tabs with a double click.

Microsoft Edge is currently the second most popular browser and the company is actively working on new features such as a built-in VPN tool to maintain its foothold in the browser market.

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