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Microsoft confirms new Outlook app for Windows 11, Windows 10

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Microsoft has been working on a new Outlook experience for Windows for over a year, and an alleged leaked build of the email client recently surfaced online, and many of us got our hands on it.

The new Outlook app is part of the highly anticipated ‘Project Monarch’ and is also known as ‘One Outlook’. It is huge news for Windows 11 and Windows 10 users as it is expected to replace all existing Outlook clients on the desktop operating system and become the default email app.

In a rather unusual move, Microsoft confirmed that the leaked Outlook app is legitimate, but users should avoid it. Earlier this week, Microsoft quietly posted an update to its Office 365 dashboard, confirming that the One Outlook is genuine, but IT professionals should block users from accessing the new email app.

Microsoft says it is aware of the leaked app and some users (work or school account users) have access to the early version of the new Outlook for Windows. Without explaining anything about One Outlook, Microsoft said it will share news about the next-generation Outlook experience in the coming weeks.

However, users should avoid the early text version as it currently lacks some features and improvements, according to Microsoft.

“The improvements will be available to our customers in the beta channel at a later date. We encourage our customers to wait for the beta version to be released,” Microsoft said in a statement released earlier this year.

Microsoft has also confirmed that a beta version will be released soon for those who are part of the Office Insider program. Because the app is not currently intended for commercial users, Microsoft wants IT admins to block access for now and only allow it when the app is officially in the beta channel.

“When the beta is available, you will have to unblock them with the same instructions,” the company said.

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