Loud noise heard over a pair of AirPods damages a boy’s eardrum

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If you’ve ever heard an Amber Alert go off on your phone, you know how loud they can be. The warning is intended to attract everyone’s attention in the event of a missing or abducted child. By adding more eyes to the number looking for a missing young person, the chances of finding him/her before it’s too late greatly increases.

The bottom line is that the Amber Alert is loud; almost everyone agrees on this. And this led a family in Texas to sue Apple when their 12-year-old son heard the blaring loud sound of an Amber Alert through the AirPods he was wearing at the time. As a result, the 12-year-old ruptured his eardrum. Mentioned in court documents by his initials of BG, the 12-year-old was watching Netflix on his iPhone and using his AirPods to listen to the audio when the Amber Alert sounded.
Law360(through Apple Insider) reports that the boy’s eardrum was “torn apart” by the high-pitched sound, which also damaged his cochlea, resulting in permanent hearing loss in one ear. In the two years since the incident, the boy has suffered from dizziness, lightheadedness, ringing in the ears and nausea.

The lawsuit attacks Apple for failing to warn users of the potential for hearing loss and ear damage from wearing a pair of AirPods. The lawsuit also alleges that Apple makes “defective” audio accessories that do not automatically lower the volume when an alert is broadcast. AirPods users have previously posted on reddit about the needle pin volume that can cause an Amber Alert on a pair of AirPods.

For example, check out this post from Trickycoolj three years ago: “Just got my first set of AirPods two weeks ago… today I just brought them in to walk to the office and an Amber Alert came in. Via the AirPods. Full blast loudly My eyes are watering and I threw one out as fast as I could but didn’t quite get the other one in time when I tried to ignore the alarm My ears are ringing so loud Is there a way to turn that down “I I don’t mind wearing warnings, but I do mind the danger to my hearing if this happens on AirPods!”

Now you decide not to take it Apple in court with its team of lawyers, unless you’re looking for a big reward. And the court records seem to confirm this intent. The complaint seeks damages for BG “in amounts that would punish defendants for their conduct and deter other tech companies from committing such misconduct in the future.”

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