Life-saving Pixel feature on its way to other Android phones by hidden code

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According to 9to5Googlethe most recent version of the Android Personal Safety App (version 2022.05.25) found in the Google Play Store, contains a hidden code. This code suggests that the car accident detection feature on certain Pixel models will be available soon for other Android phones. The feature is designed to recognize when the car you are in has been involved in an accident and can call for help if you are unable to do so.

Pixel’s car accident detection app is seemingly coming to non-Pixel Android phones

Strings of code found in the latest version of the aforementioned app replace certain words. For example, instead of saying “Pixel vibrates, sounds an alarm at maximum volume and asks if you need help,” the new code says: “Your device vibrates, sounds an alarm and asks if you need help. have.” In other words, instead of limiting the feature’s capabilities to Pixel devices, the code calls the phone “your device.”

Another set of code originally said, “Pixel uses your device’s location, motion sensors, and ambient noise to detect a car accident, even when the app is closed or not in use. Note that the Pixel may not can detect all crashes and high-impact activities can trigger car accident detection.” With Google apparently set up to offer the feature to non-Pixel handsets, the sequence of code replaces the use of the Pixel name.

The string now says: “Personal safety uses your device’s location, motion sensors, and ambient noise to detect a car accident, even when the app is closed or not in use. Please note that Personal Safety may not be all detect crashes and high-impact activities can trigger auto accident detection.”

Other features of the Personal Safety app coming to non-Pixel Android phones include “crisis alerts.” When enabled, these alerts alert you when there’s a local crisis, a nearby emergency, and a link to a home page where you can find out more about what’s happening.

Car Accident Detection uses your phone’s locations, motion sensors, and sounds to detect a car accident. The feature does not work when Battery Saver is turned on or Airplane mode is turned on. When a crash is detected, the phone vibrates, rings loudly and asks if you need help, both verbally and on the display. You can respond within 60 seconds by saying “Emergency”, which will turn on the speaker.

Car Accident Detector is now available in US and Canada

Or you can say “cancel” or tap the I am OK prompt on the screen to stop the process and cancel the call. If you don’t respond within 60 seconds, the speaker will turn on and your emergency services will be called with a message explaining that a car accident has occurred. The message contains the address where the accident took place. If you are incapacitated for work due to the accident, help is on the way.

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Also seemingly moving to a non-Pixel Android phone near you is “security check”. This feature allows you to select how long you want the phone to wait before prompting you to check in. When that time period comes, you can cancel the “security check,” share your location with emergency services, or call 911. If you don’t select an option within a minute, “security check” will automatically notify your emergency contacts and call 911 to tell them something happened and it will share your latest position with them.

During this month’s Pixel Feature drop, Car Crash Detection support was added to the Pixel 3 and later models (excluding the Pixel 3a) in Canada. The app does work in the US

If the hidden code indicates that Pixel’s car accident detection feature is indeed coming to non-Pixel Android phones, that’s good news, as it helps non-Pixel Android users stay safe. When Google will be distributing the feature to non-Pixel phones though, it will likely do so through the Google Play Store.

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