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Lenovo proclaims the Legion S7 (short for Slim 7) “the lightest RTX laptop in the world,” which turned out to be an easily refuted statement. Actually, the lightest RTX laptop is Asus’s ROG Flow Z13, although that device’s detachable keyboard and dinky 13-inch touchscreen arguably qualifies it as more of a hybrid tablet than a real laptop, so we’re letting Lenovo cut the loop. .

Weighing in at 1.9kg, it’s still hard to deny that the Legion S7 is impressively light, given its 15.6-inch screen and full keyboard. At less than 20mm thick, it also lives up to its ‘sleek’ name, but doesn’t seem to compromise itself in the slightest for that slim form factor. In fact, the Legion S7 ranks among the very best gaming laptops in terms of design and build quality, despite its relatively reasonable asking price of $1,770 (£1,500, about AU$2,510).

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