Leaked Pixel 6a case gives us important clues, hints for imminent launch

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A case for the unreleased Google Pixel 6a is a key piece of evidence revealing what the upcoming budget Google phone will look like. And lo and behold, it showcases a phone with the signature camera bar design just like the flagship Pixel 6 series.

Casemaker Poetic sent the case to Adam Doud from Digital trends, and surprised to receive a case for an unreleased phone, Doud took the opportunity to measure the case against the already-released flagship Pixel 6 model. Trying to fit the Pixel 6 into the Pixel 6a case didn’t work, but it didn’t fit by a small margin, within a few millimeters. This led to the realization that the Pixel 6a should be just a little bit smaller.

And since the Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch display, that suggests the Pixel 6a will likely have a 6.2-inch or 6.3-inch display, judging by the slight difference in size.

Another thing the case reveals is that the Pixel 6a will have the same button placement as other Google phones, with the power button above the volume keys (which some people might find a little odd).

And judging by the writing on the screen protector that comes with the case, the Pixel 6a also has an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Fingers crossed that it works better than the slow one on the Pixel 6 duo where you have to apply extra pressure to register your fingerprint.

Interestingly, the rear camera bar appears to be about a third narrower than on the flagship Pixel 6 series. This is probably due to the smaller camera sensors used in the budget model. An estimated measurement by the journalist shows that while the Pixel 6 has a 21mm high camera bar, the Pixel 6a only appears to have a 14mm high camera bar.

What does this leaked case tell us?

So what can we get out of all this? Firstly, the previous leaks confirm that Google will be adopting the fancy new “Robocop” camera bar design for its budget model, but also that there are cases circulating, also suggesting that a launch of the Pixel 6a could be just around the corner.

Google I/O, the company’s developer conference, kicks off next Wednesday, May 11, and it now looks like the Pixel 6a will debut there and then. Remember, of course, that case makers often make cases much earlier and based on preliminary information, so we can view this case as clues rather than facts. Still, judging by previous leaks, this one appears to be consistent with the way the Pixel 6a is shaping up, so we don’t really have any major reasons to doubt it.

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