Leak-hating Tim Cook tells Chinese media to “stay up to date” on Apple’s mixed-reality headset

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Apple CEO Tim Cook may have accidentally slipped the lip during an interview with Chinese media, according to Cult of Mac† Unlike some executives like Carl Pei of Nothing, who often leak product specs and other news (something Pei has been doing since he ran OnePlus), Cook has made it a point not to let future Apple devices leak.
In the aforementioned interview with Chinese media, Cook practically confirmed that Apple is about to release an AR/VR mixed reality headset by telling Chinese consumers to “stay tuned” about the product’s arrival.

A good example of augmented reality is the Pokemon Go app

Virtual Reality (VR) allows a user to create an immersive fabricated environment that a user can enter and interact with. AR, or Augmented Reality, superimposes data overlays on top of real-time video feeds. For example, the video game Pokemon Go is a great example of AR in action. While one of the phone’s cameras is recording live video of the scene right in front of you, overlays on top of the screen show scenes of Pokemon in action so you can follow one, overwhelm him into submission, and catch him in your Pokeball.

Apple’s CEO has always been in love with AR and he expressed this during his recent interview with Chinese state-affiliated media. As usual, Cook pointed out that Apple is excited about Augmented Reality. Ironically, Cook himself was against tipsters and leakers revealing specs and other features related to unannounced Apple devices. In June 2017, Apple held an internal employee seminar asking them to stop posting rumors. The seminar? News about it leaked!
The latest rumor about the headset is that it can smoothly switch between AR and VR capabilities. This comes from top-rated Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who works for TF International. Kuo’s track record is excellent, and he can probably tell you today what the soup of the day will be at the Apple cafeteria three months from now. The smooth shifting function will reportedly be one of the best selling points of the device.
Apple recently showed the headset to the company’s board of directors. There can be as many as 14 cameras on the headset that rely on a connection to the iPhone for data processing. The mixed AR/VR headset is getting a new operating system called r/OS for ‘reality operating system’. Early 2021 rumors called for prices of the device to be close to $3,000.

Apple’s mixed reality headset could cost $3,000

To control the device’s navigation, a prototype would have used a physical crown or dial, similar to what’s used on the Apple Watch and AirPods Max, on the side of the visor. Another possibility could be to use a “thimble-like device” worn on the user’s finger. Analyst Kuo says Apple isn’t categorizing the headset as a gaming platform and it will be crafted with the best video production yet.

Apple reportedly plans to ship as many as 250,000 units in its first year, lagging far behind the millions of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks it sells each year. As many as a dozen cameras can help track the user’s hand and head movements. The device may have two 4K micro-OLED displays and a low-resolution AMOLED display for peripheral vision. Pre-orders are rumored to begin in the second quarter of 2023. Retail sales could begin before WWDC 2023 kicks off in June.

Analyst Jeff Pu expects Apple’s AR-based Apple Glass to undergo mass production in the second half of 2024. While the mixed reality headset has everyone’s attention right now, it’s the AR glasses that many believe will be Apple’s next big thing. and could replace the iPhone as the company’s best-selling tech product.

And now Apple CEO Tim Cook says the mixed reality headset is real. It looks like the next few years could be very exciting for Apple fans.

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